The fight with Cockroaches – Cockroach killers

The conclusion is that the pests now reside in my apartment. What do I do now?

Turn off the food supply. Some advices from

- Do not leave any food and no food scraps lying around openly
- Frequently vacuuming, particularly in feed areas, thus fallen to the ground crumbs must be eliminated.
- Flour and sugar, as andthe other foods are in paper or thin plastic packs? Cockroaches can also bite through cardboard, paper and thin plastic packaging such as e.g. waste bags. Best of all what could pack into jars and boxes made of hard plastic or metal be interesting as a food source.
- Do not forget to bring out garbage every day.

For example, between the wall and closet, the scope of the drawers are in a cabinet or desk to the back wall, the clearance between beds etc.

Sports bags on empty cabinets, for example, standing plastic bags and other hiding places. Even in the folds of plastic bags, they can be found hiding.Hi-Fi devices such as televisions, speakers, PC printers and the like can also serve as cockroaches hiding. If an infestation is noticed in such devices, helps only throw away. Cockroaches love besides heat and moisture. Therefore, check the bathroom and kitchen particularly accurate.

Behind the refrigerator, it is also great for cockroaches because the refrigerator during the cooling process produces heat.Under loose floorboards or wall coverings are also cockroaches feel comfortable. When moving, you should investigate all bags, boxes, drawers and objects accurately. Only then can you be sure in the new apartment to be rid of the problem.

Roaches leave droppings in your tiny little pile. For people just make out in the form of black dots. Note somewhere many black points, then there is either something delicious to eat, or near a nest could be located.

Cockroach killers – Avert Cockroach Bait Powder for fast and effective control of cockroaches

It is attractive scraping powder. Simple application, thermal stability, up to 16 weeks is effective. It comes to fast-acting cockroach baits to combat the German Orient Lischen and American cockroach. It can be applied to all surfaces – suitable where no liquid products may be applied (electrical equipment, etc.). It also is ideal for use in cracks, crevices or other.